Our Advocacy

Children and young people don’t choose to be in out-of-home care, so why wouldn’t they deserve the same opportunities as everybody else? We want children and young people with a care experience to reach their full potential, but to do this we need to make sure the out-of-home care system works for them.

We listen to what those with a lived experience of the care system tell us, and advocate with and for them to achieve systemic change.

Our Advocacy Priorities

To create a better life for children and young people in care, we’ve identified the key areas that need to be improved:

To find out more about CREATE’s goals, read our 
2022-2027 Strategic Plan

Our Advocacy

We want children and young people in care to have the same opportunities as every other child. Below is a collection of resources, campaigns, submissions and research to support our advocacy priorities and change the care system!

Position Papers

Follow the link below to find out CREATE's position on key issues impacting the lives of children and young people with a care experience. These positions are informed through our consultations.


CREATE responds to inquiries on issues affecting children and young people in out-of-home care by developing submissions to government, Commissions of Inquiry and Royal Commissions. Find out more through the link below.


CREATE Consultations involve CREATE interacting with children and young people whom have a care experience to hear their views and experience on a particular topic. We hold a number of consultations around Australia each year, focused on promoting children and young people’s participation as a means of monitoring and/or testing the effectiveness of the out-of-home care system most often related to legislation, policy or practice.


Our #snapthatstigma campaign aims to end the negative stigma associated with having a care experience. To break down this stigma we share the real stories of young people with a care experience, told in their own words. Help us to #snapthatstigma today!

Supported Placement to 21 #MakeIt21

CREATE has been advocating for many years in each state and territory to extend care and supports to young people to the age of 21. With NSW’s announcement late 2022, all states and territories are now providing support to young people to the age of 21.

Voices in Action Podcast

CREATE has released a podcast which provides a platform for young people to share their experiences and shed light on the care system. This gives sector professionals and workers a a chance to listen directly to young people to inform their practice.

Hour of Power

A chance for young people to have their say and create change by speaking directly to decision makers in an Hour of Power