NSW Makes it 21!

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We did it! Thanks to the hard work of CREATE’s Young Consultants using their voices, all Australian States and Territories now support young people in care to the age of 21! We are very proud of our advocacy and our amazing Young People. 

The New South Wales Government has extended supports to young people in care until 21 years of age.

NSW has joined the other states in supporting young people in care until 21. CREATE Foundation has been advocating for this change for years and our hard work has paid off. We are so thrilled with this result.

CREATE Staff with Minister Natasha Maclaren-Jones at the NSW announcement

Voice of the People

CREATE took to the streets of Sydney to hear directly from the public. CREATE asked them to share their views on leaving care at 18, and was met with a resounding, unanimous response from the public, who say it is NOT OK for the government to jettison vulnerable young care leavers at 18. Watch the videos to find out what people said.

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CREATE's Research

Home Stretch Campaign

AIFS Research

In November of 2019, CREATE held the Voices in Action: Nothing About Us Without Us Conference. The conference focused on three key priorities for change that were identified through consultations with children and young people in the development of CREATE’s 2018-2021 Strategic Plan. Transitioning from care was one of these priorities, and through the topic’s presentations, panels and workshops we saw young people, carers and sector professionals come together to call for extending support until 21. These photos and videos show their calls to #makeit21.