Tools and Resources

We have a wide variety of resources and tools to benefit stakeholders across the out-of-home care sector – whether that be children and young people, carers or sector professionals. 

These resources are designed to support children and young people with a care experience to reach their full potential, and include Best Practice Guides for workers and organisation, FAQ’s,  Transition from Care Resources and a list of helpful resources for young people at various stages of their care experience.

Transition from Care Resources

We know that leaving care can be a stressful and challenging time in a young person’s life. CREATE has successfully advocated to extend the age of support from 18 to 21 in all states and territories to allow more time for planning, and to allow young people to feel prepared for entering the world as a fully-fledged adult. 

We want to help young people make that transition, and reach their full potential. To help out, we’ve pulled together some great resources that can help to make the experience a little easier. Whether you’re planning for leaving care or have already left and want to find some more support, there’s something in this collection of resources for everyone. 

If you’re in care, and want to know more information about life in care, you can head to our in-care resources or our FAQ page. 

In-Care Resources

We want to help children and young people in care reach their full potential. We’ve pulled together some great resources for children and young people currently in care. Whether you’re in foster care, kinship care or residential care we’ve got links to fun activities, links to events and information about your rights in care.

If you’re a clubCREATE member you can check out more fun stuff here. 

Resources for Carers, Caseworkers and Organisations

We regularly release new resources and information relevant for carers, organisations and caseworkers to provide insights directly from young people in the care system to help inform your practice and improve the lives of children and young people in care. We want to support carers, caseworkers and the organisations we work with each day to provide the best care possible, based on feedback directly from children and young people who experience with the care system in Australia. 

Video Resources

We have a range of video resources including webinars, animations and short films, useful for both children and young people in care and the out-of-home care sector in Australia.