CREATE triumphs at Child Protection Week Awards

The first week of September is National Child Protection Week. This is a week where we’re all called upon to work together to create safe, nurturing environments for children and young people across Australia. This week also involves recognising and celebrating those who have made significant contributions to building these environments.

This year, CREATE was lucky enough to receive recognition at both the Child Protection Week Awards in Queensland, and the 2019 Protecting Children Awards in Victoria, with individuals and CREATE programs winning awards.


The Youth Participation Award

The Youth Participation Award at Queensland’s 2019 Child Protection Awards was won by our Speak Up program, which was accepted on our behalf by Young Consultant Julia!

Speak Up is an empowerment program that trains young people aged 14 to 25 with a care experience to advocate on an individual, state and national level. It allows young people to get their voices heard by the care system’s decision makers, to help train social workers and foster carers, and to connect to other young people who have lived experience of the care system. Visit our Speak Up page to learn more about our program or to find Speak Up events near you.


The Professional (non-government) Award

Queensland’s 2019 Professional (non-government) Award was awarded to CREATE’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Lucas Moore.

Before his time leading the marketing and communications team, Lucas worked as CREATE’s Queensland State Coordinator. He works tirelessly to put the needs of children and young people first, even when it comes to his award win, for which he said, “I’m so honoured, but it should go to people like [young person] Terry. He made me realise to help people thrive, whatever happens, you can’t give up on them”.


The modelling a generous community award

The “Modelling a Generous Community Award” from Victoria’s 2019 Protecting Children Awards was won by CREATE’s Youth Facilitator, Russell Mulry!

Russ has been a part of CREATE since he was in care himself. Now, working with us as a Youth Facilitator, he spends his time advocating to better the system he grew up in. Russ is dedicated, enthusiastic and works hard to ensure that the voices of children and young people are heard. He’s a fantastic role model and a well-deserving winner.


The CREATE Award!

We’re also honoured to have been able to recognise an outstanding individual who has made a difference in the lives of someone with a care experience. This year’s CREATE Award was given to Peter O’Toole! Peter’s nominator said of him, “Peter has been a huge advocate in my life… He is very forgiving, and when things have gone wrong, he has taught me resilience”. Congratulations Peter!