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Speak Up: An empowerment program for young people with a care experience

Speak up (SUP) is an empowerment program available to all young people with a care experience aged 14-25 yrs, across all states and territories. SUP is a series of 3 interactive, workshop style sessions that are designed to;

  • Develop more confidence and self-awareness
  • Better understand their care experience and the care system
  • Strengthen their communication skills and become a part of the CREATE team


I did the Speak up training, was a CREATE Young Consultant and now I work as a Youth Facilitator at CREATE. I think that doing Speak Up is a good opportunity for young people both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous to gain the knowledge and confidence to advocate for their own rights and the rights of other young people in care, as well as being able to share their story – Sharney, CREATE


SUP sessions are broken up into three levels. Once young people are finished Level 1, they become CREATE Young consultants, Young Consultants;

  • Are asked for their opinion by people who run the Child Protection system
  • Train child protection workers and carers
  • Help CREATE organise and run fun events for other children and young people

Seeing young people use their voice and being listened to and the power this has on them still astounds me – to have a young person in your home who feels voiceless and to witness the change Speak Up can have on these young people – John, Foster Carer


To learn more about SUP levels, click the level below

Level 1
Level 1: Individual

Level 1 is all about building individual skills like confidence and team work. We also learn about what advocacy means and how to use strength based communication.

Level 2
Level 2: State

In level 2 we build on the skills learnt in level 1 particularly around communication. We also talk about personal boundaries as well as rights and responsibilities.

Level 3
Level 3: National

This is the final level of Speak Up training and focuses on advancing skills to be able to participate in national work on behalf of CREATE Foundation. In level 3 we work through how to effectively represent other children and young people at a high level. We also discuss the role the media has and learn skills to be able to engage positively with the media. We also build on leadership skills to then be able to facilitate discussions.

You can check out our Speak Up resources by downloading the SUP flyer or brochure.

Check out a Speak Up coming up near you!

QLDDecember 19 – 21stTownsville1,2 & 3

Donna @ CREATE on 07 47677 042 /

QLDJanuary 7th-8th, 2020Toowoomba1 + 2Donna @ CREATE on 07 47677 042 /
QLDJanuary 20th – 22nd, 2020Townsville1 + 2Donna @ CREATE on 07 47677 042 /
ACTJanuary 20th, 2020Call for location1Susan Pellegrino or Nicky Link @ CREATE on 02 6232 2409
South AustraliaJanuary 20th, 2020Office of the Gaurdian Fabian McPhee at CREATE on 08 8212 8898
Northern TerritoryJanuary 21st, 2020Alice Springs & Darwin1Sam / Apajok Biar @ CREATE on 08 8921 4208 or Apajok.Bair@Create.org.au
Northern TerritoryJanuary 22nd, 2020Alice Springs & Darwin2Sam / Apajok Biar @ CREATE on 08 8921 4208 or Apajok.Bair@Create.org.au
Northern TerritoryJanuary 23rd, 2020Alice Springs & Darwin3Sam / Apajok Biar @ CREATE on 08 8921 4208 or Apajok.Bair@Create.org.au
TASJanuary 29th – 31stNorth West1,2 & 3

Danni Ashton @ CREATE on 03 6281 9243 or Danni.Aston@create.org.au


Western AustraliaJanuary 29th – 30thWhiteman Park, PerthSpeak Up Camp

Sarah Lewis @ CERATE on 08 6336 9726 or Sarah.Lewis@Create.org.au

Young people gain a lot from attending the Speak Up program. They gain confidence, a deeper understanding of their circumstances and the foster care system, a sense of belonging to a group with similar life experiences, good role modelling from the facilitators -and they have fun! They feel more control over their lives and are therefore better able to make good choices. I urge all carer’s to take advantage of this program – Jo, Foster Carer

Speak Up is FUN, FREE and all meals/snacks are provided.

To learn more watch this short video made by some Northern Territory CREATE Young Consultants about Speak Up