CREATE Foundation is the national consumer body representing the voices of children and young people with an out-of-home care experience. Our vision is that all children and young people with a care experience reach their full potential.

Everything we do at CREATE is based on our ethos –
, to Empower, to Change.

We aim to connect children and young people to CREATE, their community and each other through our clubCREATE membership program and connection events
We empower children and young people through our Speak Up, Youth Advisory Groups and CREATE Your Future programs
We change Australia's out-of-home care system through our advocacy and research, driven by the voices and experiences of the children and young people with a care experience

We support children and young people in all types of out-of-home care – whether that be foster care, kinship care or residential care – and we want to connect with you! We are an organisation whose advocacy is driven forward by youth voices, and we provide a variety of programs and support for kids in care. 

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If you are a child or young person with a care experience – we want to connect with you. At CREATE you can have fun, meet new people, develop your confidence and have your voice heard. Read more to find out about how you can be part of CREATE and come along to our activities and events!


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Key stats about kids in care

Key data in relation to out-of-home-care includes:      

  • Nationally, as at 30 June 2022: 
    • 45,400 children were in out-of-home care. 
    • 19,400 were Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children (57 per 1,000 Indigenous children). 
    • Around 90% of children were in home-based care (foster care, relative/kinship care and other home-based care) and around 8.5% were in residential care.  
    • Disability status was known for 71% (32,300) of children in care, of whom 29% (9,300) had a disability.  
    • 70% (31,700) of children in out-of-home care had been in care for 2 years or more, known as long-term care.  
    • 1 in 3 kids will be separated from their siblings when the enter care. 


Sources: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2022 and CREATE Report Card, 2018. 

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