Supporting young people transitioning from care to adulthood

Anyone who has, or is experiencing the transition from adolescence to adulthood will acknowledge that, even under ideal circumstances, it can be a challenging period in a person’s life marked by major transitions in various areas including finishing school, leaving home, commencing employment, getting married, and having children. 

CREATE’s research shows that a large proportion of young people transitioning from care to adulthood face significant challenges during this time including rushed transitions, upheaval, and a sudden reduction in support.  Carers, caseworkers, family members, and members of the general community play an important role in a young person’s transition from care to adulthood.

Over the years CREATE has developed a range of resources to assist young people transitioning from care; these resources can also aid the supportive adults in their life in providing support.

Go Your Own Way Info Kit

Our Go Your Own Way (GYOW) Kit is a resource for young people aged 15 and above who are starting to plan for their transition to adulthood and independence.

The kit is filled with resources and information to assist the planning process and provide caseworkers, young people, and carers with the information they need to plan for a successful transition. This includes the GYOW workbook which is full of information and useful links.  For more information about the GYOW Kit please email

Want to hear what young people think about the GYOW Kits? Watch our GYOW Kit video showcasing some amazing young people who have transitioned from care talking about their experiences leaving care, and the benefits of CREATE’s GYOW kit.

CREATE Your Future

The CREATE Your Future (CYF) program provides young people aged 15 to 25 with the relevant skills and knowledge to effectively transition from care into independence. The life skills and self and community-awareness required to successfully manage the challenges of everyday life are broad, and translating knowledge and values into abilities that enable young people to excel is the foundation of this program.

The program is supported by a detailed website that contains the information from the GYOW workbook but also stacks more state-related information.

Video Resources

We have a huge range of resources for young people transitioning from care. Take a look at our animations, webinars and short films as a starting point to help you on your transition to independence.

Want to get sorted? Check out Sortli - our free life-skills mobile app!

Sortli is your guide to becoming an adult, designed by young people, for young people.

Now it’s even easier to find all the information you need to help support your transition from care to independence.

Sortli includes step-by-step guides for navigating some of life’s biggest challenges, such as finding a place to live, looking after your health, managing your money, finding a job, doing some training, and understanding your legal rights.

You can set goals and track your progress with the Goal List, make a budget you can stick to with the Budget Planner, and find contact details for important services with the new Want to talk to someone? button.

Sortli is available in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Each version features regularly updated state-specific information to help you find what you need. Head to the App Store or Google Play to download Sortli for free today!

Set goals. Find help. Get sorted. 

Voices in Action Podcast

Don’t forget to also take a listen to CREATE’s Voices in Action podcast, this podcast gives a platform to children and young people with a care experience to discuss a wide range of issues, including transitioning from care to independence.

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