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Over 46,000 children and young people around Australia are currently in care due to no fault of their own. They face unfair disadvantage and often are subject to stigma, being branded with stereotypes that don’t befit them. So, we want to #SnapThatStigma!

One of our long standing campaigns is our Snap That Stigma Campaign, where we aim to highlight the achievements and incredible vibrance and diversity in the young people we work alongside every day. You can learn more about the campaign here.

We have just released this podcast series where young people interview each other about their experiences in care, their challenges with stigma and what we can do about it! Snapping stigma starts with a conversation, and the more we can elevate the voices of young people with care experiences, the better.

The young people involved in this podcast have been passionate advocates, each with their own stories, challenges, purpose and dreams. We are so grateful to them for being a part of this project, and sharing with each other and us as listeners. We would appreciate your supporting in sharing this message – sharing their voices and help us to end the unfair stigma faced by those in care.

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About the Podcast

Voices in Action is a podcast by CREATE Foundation giving a platform to children and young people in care.

Our podcast is a platform for young people to talk about a range of issues that are important to them as we support them to connect, feel empowered, and create positive change in the care system.

The podcast covers issues from extending care, to cultural identity, participating, and the stigma that can come with being a “foster kid” or a child in care. We hear directly from young people as they share their views and provide insights for reforms. 

Interested in learning more?

The issues discussed in the Voices in Action Podcast affect young people in out-of-home-care all around Australia. 

CREATE is calling for all states and territories to provide an option whereby the provision of care can be extended to young people until the age of 21. Click here to read our Position Paper. 

For more information on cultural identity, you can check out SNAICC, or take a look at our Resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in care

To learn more about Stigma, and CREATE’s campaign to #SnapThatStigma you can head here. 

Supported Out-of-Home Care Placement to 21 in QLD

Read the report Supported Out-of-Home Care Placement to 21 in Queensland and let us know your thoughts. To download the poster resource, click here.

Staying in Care Until 21 – South Australia Fact Sheet

Last year CREATE held a consultation with young people in South Australia. A majority of young people felt that support past the age of 18 would be beneficial.

Out-of-Home Care in Australia (2018)

In 2018, CREATE conducted the largest ever independent survey of children and young people with a care experience, surveying 1275 children and young people about their experiences in the out-of-home care system. 

For more information on cultural identity, you can check out SNAICC here, or take a look at our Resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in care. 

To view all of our resources, head here.