World Care Day

World Care Day is the world’s biggest celebration of children who grow up in care.

Friday February 16, 2024

World Care Day is the world’s biggest celebration of children who grow up in out-of-home care. CREATE is amplifying its focus on the crucial ‘journey of care’ experienced by these young individuals.

There are pivotal stages within a young person’s life in care. From the initial entry into the system to the challenging phases such as adjusting to new caseworkers or placements, and eventually transitioning out of care, these moments are critical.

We’ve learned a lot from listening to young people sharing their experiences.

It’s clear that there are areas where our support systems need to improve. By focusing on what they’ve told us, we aim to strengthen these support structures, ensuring they better cater to the specific needs of young individuals at every stage of their journey through care.

It’s not just a day to celebrate the policy change we have won, but also to focus on how much more needs to change.” (Young Person, VIC)

World Care Day will be held on February 16, 2024. 

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History of World Care Day

Now in its’ eighth year, the Care Day initiative is underpinned by a collective of nine global voice of care organisations from across the world, including EPIC in Ireland, VOYPIC in Northern Ireland, Who Cares? Scotland, and Become in the UK, Voices from Care in Wales, Fepa in Spain, Fice in Croatia, Voyce in New Zealand and CREATE in Australia all working together to promote conversations about young people defying the odds and succeeding in their own right.