The healing powers of art and what #SnapThatStigma means to Emmarita

Content warning: This story mentions domestic and family violence, grief and loss.

I’m a single mum, an entrepreneur and a Contemporary Indigenous Artist. This year I was commissioned to paint my first mural. The opportunity came at around the same time that my mum passed away. Painting that mural became part of my healing.

Art has always been healing for me, whether it was music, dance or painting.

I am really looking forward to what is coming up with my art and business.

I am doing my second mentorship which will include a collaborative mural with young people and I can’t wait to hear their ideas and spread them on the wall.

Emmarita's artwork on Sibling Connection

In my artwork I use such bright colours to encourage positivity in people’s lives.

My foster family have been there for me my whole life. Their kids are my siblings and they are my family. I recently moved back in with my family after experiencing domestic violence. It is part of me and why I am a single mum.

It took me a long time to reach out for support but I did and I have found my voice again.

I’ve been doing a lot of self-care that I never would have done 5 years ago. My daughter is showing me ways.

My advice for other kids growing up in care is to believe in yourself first or nobody else will.

I always used to doubt myself but goal-setting and affirmations have really helped me.

And just remember that family is what you make it and they don’t have to be blood-related! You get to choose who you call family.

Outside of work, study and parenthood, Emmarita plays hockey while her daughter is more interested in footy! She volunteers with the Women’s Information Service to empower other women and is a member of the Country Fire Service. You can follow Emmarita’s business page at @yankirri_arts

Emmarita has shared one of her favourite affirmations that might be helpful for you. 😊