Our Impact

*During 2019-2020

CREATE supports children and young people in out-of-home care by listening to what they have to say and by helping them inform governments and other organisations about their experiences in care to help improve the children protection system. 

We do this through our mission to connect, to empower, to change. 




to Empower


to Change

*During 2019-2020


We connect children and young people to each other, their community and CREATE through our clubCREATE program, connection events, magazines and birthday card programs!

"Hey CREATE, I'd just like to say thank you for my birthday card every year. They make me feel like someone actually cares about my existence. Thank you!!!"

clubCREATE member

"I've grown so much from hanging out with other kids like me, I feel like part of a bigger family, family that actually understands and gets me."

clubCREATE member


We empower children and young people to build self-confidence, self-esteem and skills that enable them to have a voice and be heard through our empowerment programs, Speak Up, YAGs, CYF and more.

The program enabled me to change and grow and gave me opportunities to work around negative experiences, and change my behaviours to positive ones.

Aaron, CYF Participant

It's made me more comfortable in in being able to speak up on my own, being an advocate for my own rights and advocating for others rights. I'm not very good at public speaking. And so the fact that I get to sit in on on these sorts of things, these webinars and have chats to people that I've never met is is incredible because if I had looked back when I was 16, this wouldn't be - 16 year old me would think this is ridiculous. This could not happen, and being able to sit down and advocate for myself, advocate for other people without the fear of being told to be quiet, because I know that I have incredible support around me.

Maddison, Speak Up Participant

*During 2019-2020


We change the care system, in consultation with children and  young people, through advocacy to improve policies, practices, and services, and increase community awareness.

We have 8 advocacy priorities from our Strategic Plan

Advocacy at a Glance

Make it 21

Graph showing 5 out of 8 states support to 21 years in policy

Our progress towards ensuring support to 21 in terms of extended placements. 

Support to 25

Map of Australia showing states which have support to 25

A majority of states in Australia have transition supports in place to 25. 

Annual Reviews

Our Annual Reviews provide an overview of our impact and achievements over the past 12 months, as well as providing an update on our strategic plan goals. Take a look at the Annual Reviews for 2020 and years prior below.

Annual Review 2020

Annual Review 2020: Voices in Action

This year CREATE reflects on our achievements throughout the 2019/20 Financial Year, including how we were able to pivot and rise to the challenges presented due to COVID-19 and the bushfires.