“Don’t suffer in silence.” Transitioning to Independence in Tasmania: Webinar

Transitioning to independence is a challenge that all children and young people in out-of-home care must face – but often, conversations about transitioning, transition plans, and resources to assist in the process are overlooked, forgotten, or rushed. It’s important for children and young people going through this stage of their life – who are learning […]

CREATE Your Future – Transitioning to Independence

“CREATE Your Future is an empowering, interactive, proven program that promotes change, growth and connection amongst young people.” CREATE Your Future is a program targeted at young people who are on their journey from care to independence. It aims to equip them with the life skills and necessary to have a successful start in adult […]

What happens when I turn 18?

“What happens when I turn 18?” is what a 16 year old asked us during out National Survey for our 2018 Out-of-Home Care report. For years CREATE has been advocating to ensure that young people have the right to have a placement supported within the care system until they’re 21. For some young people this […]