“Don’t suffer in silence.” Transitioning to Independence in Tasmania: Webinar

Transitioning to independence is a challenge that all children and young people in out-of-home care must face – but often, conversations about transitioning, transition plans, and resources to assist in the process are overlooked, forgotten, or rushed.

It’s important for children and young people going through this stage of their life – who are learning how to be independent – feel supported and know about what resources and support networks they can access to assist them in their journey to independence.

“We shouldn’t ever be made to feel that we are on our own – and often we do, especially when transitioning from care.”

Today we present part two of our Tasmanian webinars. In this webinar, CREATE Young Consultants and our key sector representatives tackle this important topic. Our Young Consultants share their own stories about leaving care and ask some great questions to key people in the sector such as the Commissioner for Children Leanne McLean, Child Advocate Sonya Pringle-Jones, and Maddy from Children and Youth Services in Tasmania.

The discussion covers topics including:

  • What support is available to young people leaving care in Tasmania
  • What young people should expect when reaching the leaving care age
  • How COVID-19 and lockdowns impact those who are transitioning to independence
  • Thank you to our Young Consultants for sharing their experiences, and to our guests for being so open and providing clear and actionable advice for young people leaving care.
You can check out the webinar below:

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For a great resource to help the transition to independence, check out CREATE’s Go Your Own Way kits here.