Keeping in Touch with Siblings: CREATE’s COVID-19 TAS Webinar

Relationships between siblings are a bond like no other and play an important role in our lives.

Many children and young people in care don’t get to live with some or all of their siblings but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the opportunity to be connected with them and have these important relationships in their lives.  Recently the CREATE team in Tasmanian got together with some care sector leaders on Zoom to discuss the importance of sibling connection and what young people, carers and caseworkers can do to make sure everyone in care feels connected to their siblings.

“During times like COVID, when less contact has been important as part of keeping safe, it is so important that there are ways found… through being on the phone social media, it is important that those opportunities are provided for you and I expect as Minister and people expect of me that I am sure – that those principles and access is provided for you as it is your right.” Minister Roger Jaensch

Today we release Keeping in touch with siblings: CREATE COVID-19 TAS Webinar featuring some of CREATE’s awesome Young Consultants talking about their different experience of sibling connection, as well as Minister for Human Services Roger Jaensch MP, Commissioner for Children Leanne McLean and Child Advocate Sonya Pringle-Jones who link the young people’s experiences to legislation, rights, responsibilities and direct practice. The webinar gives young people and practitioners an insight into how sibling connection is an important element of a young person’s wellbeing and how it is every young person’s right to have a connection with their brothers and sisters.  Key topics discussed included;

    • How relationships with brothers and sisters can be different for different people
    • Children and young people’s rights to sibling connection.
    • What carers and caseworkers can do to make sure siblings get to see each other and be connected
    • What children and young people can do if they want to be more connected to their brothers and sisters and;
    • What can be done to overcome barriers for brothers and sisters who don’t live together
‘Me and my younger sister are like each other’s rock. We are really close and whenever anything happens we are always the first person to go to for each other’ – Tara

During the webinar CREATE Young Consultants Tara, Hannah and Kaleb each got to ask Minister Jaensch, Commissioner McLean and Child Advocate Sonja Pringle-Jones some questions about sibling connection, their questions included:

    • What advice and guidance is provided to Child Safety staff around sibling connection?
    • What are young people’s rights around sibling contact?
    • When you want to see your siblings and you can’t get a hold of your caseworker who can you talk to about it?

Check out the webinar below: