Meet Jackie. #snapthatstigma

At CREATE we want to show the variety and diversity of experiences held by young people with a care experience. Our snap that stigma campaign focuses on breaking the cycle of prejudgement and showing that there is no typical “kid in care”. It’s also about showing that children and young people in care can overcome the challenges they may have faced in their formative years and achieve great things.

On this note, we’d like to introduce you to Jackie – an Aboriginal woman living in South Australia. She lived in out-of-home care growing up, and has lived life with a disability. She’s learnt to speak up for herself, connect with her creativity through painting, singing, acting and dancing, and has had experiences she never thought she would. Here’s her story:

“Hi my name is Jackie,
A bit about me: I’m a proud Ngarrindjeri Wirangu woman. I’m an artist. I love painting. I was in an all girl singing group – The Sisters of Invention. I also got to go overseas and act in a performance called the Northern Lights Southern Cross with Tutti Arts.
I’m 31 years old. I live with a condition called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. I am planning on moving out of home soon. Being in care and living with my foster mum Lyn, was good. But I found it hard to speak up sometimes. Not that I’m a bit older I realise that it is really important to be involved in decisions that impact on my life. I moved in with Lyn and her family when I was 3 years old. Living with Lyn made me have a good life. She taught me how to live a good life. There have been some rocky parts too but I have gotten through with the love of friends, painting, Alina (Lyn’s daughter) who has helped me too.
I never would have thought I would sing, act, paint or go overseas. I couldn’t imagine selling my paintings. But here I am now – I recently had an art exhibition and I’ve sold 6 out of my 10 paintings. I feel really proud.
I’m not sure what’s next for me but I’m going to keep painting, it comes naturally to me. I am looking forward to moving out of home and focusing on my dreams.”

To read more about Jackie, check out this link.

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If you’d like to learn more about Speaking Up and having your say, or what opportunities CREATE can support you with – reach out! Our teams are always happy to connect with young people and we regularly host workshops, events and forums where you can have you say and create change.

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