Layne Beachley rocks Voices in Action

In August, CREATE presented our third international conference Voices in Action: empowering young people for positive change. Located in Sydney, we were honored and privileged to play host to 437 young people, carers, sector workers, government officials and academics from around Australia and the world. It was 3 days full of learning, and an opportunity for people to have their voices heard and to come together to empower young people for positive change.

While there were many amazing moments, one of the resounding highlights from many of our delegates was the inspiring and empowering address from surfing legend, Layne Beachley AO. Layne’s authentic and genuine presentation about overcoming self-doubt and adversity really resonated with our audience and really set the tone for the three days ahead.

“My conference highlight was definitely Layne Beachley’s speech it really resonated with me, Even though her experience was different than ours. I was so lucky to get to thank her for coming conference.” 
“The highlight for the conference for me was Layne Beachley because I have so much in common when it comes to thinking things just aren’t enough. I was so unhappy for a very long time until I realised that I wasn’t just doing things because i wanted too it was because I felt obliged to do those things.”

Click on the youtube link below to watch Layne’s keynote address from Voices in Action 2017 and prepare to be inspired and empowered for positive change.

We thank Layne on behalf of everyone that attended, and from everyone in the CREATE community for being a powerful advocate for children and young people in out-of-home care and for reminding us all that we are enough!

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