What can Adults do to make Children and Young People feel safe?

National Child Protection Week, 3rd to 9th of September, is a wonderful opportunity for everyone in the community to think about how we can work together to keep all children safe. As part of National Child Protection Week, CREATE in NSW spoke to some awesome children and young people about ‘What can adults do to make children and young people feel safe?’ Here’s what they said:

“They can get help if you need it. They can support you in school.” Male, 16 

“They can help you in class” Male, 15

“Adults can be more interactive with the kids and listen to them and put action behind it and do what they can to make it happen” Female, 15

“They help you. Even though they’re not your birth parents they stay with you, they’re always with you.” Female, 5

“Look after you.” Female, 7

“Keep and eye on the children” Female, 11

“Take care of their kids” Male, 10

“Stay with you in crowded areas” Female,12

Our friends at NAPCAN, have put together a great list of things that everyone can do to play their part to protect children today (and every day!).

      • Be a good role model for children
      • Be kind to children, parents (and yourself!)
      • Take the time to really listen to children and believe them if they tell you something
      • Learn about what help services are available so you can support others if they need help
      • Don’t judge other parents and families; remember that we’re all trying our best
      • Look out for all children, not just your own
      • Be a friendly, helpful member of your local community
      • Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to ask someone if they need help

The National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) advocates for the rights of children and young people. We know that the only way to keep children and young people safe from harm is to stop abuse before it occurs and prevent them from entering the statutory child protection system. To find out more about the great work NAPCAN do, visit their website: http://napcan.org.au/