Gus is back! New ACT animations feature Gus talking about mindfulness and connecting with siblings for children in care.

CREATE in the ACT has released two new awesome animations featuring CREATE’s mascot, Gus! In these episodes of Gus Talks, Gus discusses ways children can stay connected with their siblings when they might not be able to see them face-to-face or live with them. During COVID, many children and young people in care have been unable to see their siblings due to lockdowns or boarder restrictions. Maintaining sibling relationships is incredibly important – our latest report showed that siblings were the most frequently contacted family member!

In the second episode, Gus talks about mindfulness. Mindfulness and mental health can be quite complicated yet important topics. Gus talks about these topics in a way that is age-appropriate and offers some tips and tricks for children watching to use on their own if they are feeling stressed or anxious.

Thanks to our team who contributed to these animations, they will be a great addition to our catalogue of resources for children and young people in care!