Voices in Action Conferences

CREATE’s biennial Voices in Action Conferences bring children and young people, carers and sector professionals together for in-depth explorations of key issues for improving the care sector, as identified by those with a lived experience of the care system. Whether it’s young people having their say, carers, sector professionals or key decision makers within the sector, the conference empowers everyone to have a seat at the table, to discuss issues and come up with solutions as equal partners. 

Our 2019 conference, Voices in Action: Nothing About Us, Without Us, was our largest conference to date, with more than 500 attendees and international speakers and guests. The three-day conference tackled the key issues of;

Transition from care

"Where do I go now?"

Decision making and participation

"It's my life, and I deserve to have a say."

Complaints and record keeping

"Listen to me when something's not right."

"All the knowledge and experienced people I get to meet and listen to is my favourite thing. The conference is the one place I feel at home”

Conference Report

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Voices in Action: Nothing About Us, Without Us
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2022 Conference

Our next Voices in Action conference is set for 2022 and will be held in Adelaide, South Australia. Subscribe to our enews below to hear about it first!