Churchill Fellowship Update from CREATE CEO, Jacqui Reed – London to Paris

Hello from London!

Today I went to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre at the London Embankment – it was a wonderful experience to see the replica theatre with open roof and authentic building materials. They were preparing for a production of “the Merchant of Venice” so we got to see the sets being put up.  I also saw an old boat called “the Golden Hinde” – a remarkable boat when you think of the journey that it undertook on the high seas.

Globe theatre London2    Golden Hinde.London Jacqui
The day was enhanced by finding a brilliant coffee shop with the best coffee yet, we complimented the barista and he told us that the shop was owned by an Australian – we laughed out loud!

London – Cambridge

Well what a great last day in the UK. We caught the tube (two changes) and then the train to Cambridge and a 25 minute walk into town. We did a tour of St Johns College which was amazing with superb grounds. The whole town is steeped in history and filled with quaint shops and lots of book shops.  I got to speak with a young person who was doing very well despite a harrowing history, it was so great getting to hear the stories as I travelled around the country.

Cambridge1   Cambridge14   Cambridge23

Off to Paris now for the next leg of the adventure!


Arrived safely in Paris, sun shining as a welcome!

The apartment is gorgeous and very spacious. I decided to do an “ohhh la la” in front of the huge doors leading out on to a tiny balcony! So French…..  I’ve been off to explore the local streets for an hour or so to get my bearings and look forward to catching up with two young people in the next couple of days.

ParisJacquiapartment2  Parisclocks Paris.Jacquicafe

More on Paris soon!

Jacqui Reed