Churchill Fellowship Update from CREATE CEO, Jacqui Reed – Edinburgh to London

Hi all!

Today we made the long journey on the train from Edinburgh to London and the weather was glorious for most of the trip! This afternoon we met with a group called “Siblings United”. We had a long chat with an English afternoon tea to keep us energised.

TSiblings United2his group are highly motivated and committed to ensuring that as much as possible, siblings are placed together or at the very least if they are separated that they maintain quality and regular contact. Joseph was able to share the findings of our own research (currently nearing final edit for printing). It was a lively discussion, and it seems we share similar concerns about the need for siblings to be together where possible. Their angle is that it is a basic right for children and young people.  They also provide a fabulous program where they bring CYP together on “sibling camps” – I am very interested in this and will be getting more information to share with the team when I am back.

I was presented with a fab t-shirt and commemorative mug from their founder William Williams.

Jacqui.Siblings United shirt

We are very hopeful of sharing our research and findings with the view of brining international attention to this issue. A huge thanks to Dr. Mariya Ali, Chris Crooks (Sibling United team leader) and Rebecca Barnard a co-researcher and communications specialist.

Until my next installment,

Jacqui Reed


We went for a walk after our great meeting with siblings united and walked through Kensington Park. We saw the Peter Pan statue and a very cute furry creature!

JacquiKensignton Park2    Peterpan.Kensington    Squirrel1