Brittany Snaps That Stigma

How Brittany snapped that stigma of growing up in care: I prioritised my self worth daily and reminded myself that my ‘background’ will never define me, I’ve always stayed future focused and looked at every negativity I’ve endured and overcome as a life lesson and a point of growth and self development. Whilst growing up […]

Nakita Snaps That Stigma

“I began my dance journey when I was 5. I was taken from my parents and put into foster care due to no fault of my own. Dance has always been my saviour and allowed me to express myself and how I was feeling about particular things and the often harsh reality that I was […]

Let’s hear from Young Consultant Terry

Terry is an awesome CREATE Young Consultant, who has gone on to achieve amazing things! We talked to Terry about his experiences with CREATE, his job and his goals for the future.  So Terry you’ve been pretty influential in your time at CREATE over the years. Can you tell us about some of the things […]

Meet Jackie. #snapthatstigma

CREATE Wristbands

At CREATE we want to show the variety and diversity of experiences held by young people with a care experience. Our snap that stigma campaign focuses on breaking the cycle of prejudgement and showing that there is no typical “kid in care”. It’s also about showing that children and young people in care can overcome […]

2020 in Review: James’ Story

James is a 19-year old clubCREATE member from Queensland. We recently chatted to James about how 2020 was for him – the ups, the downs and everything inbetween, and talked about how he has come out the other side. James is also a talented artist, who entered art in the Queensland art competition, and had […]

Family, culture and connection – Sonja shares her story

One of our Young Consultants and Influencing Committee members Sonja recently shared with us her experience of reconnecting with her dad. Through making contact with her father, Sonja was able to also reconnect and understand more about her Aboriginal heritage, find her mob, and was able to connect with a whole extended family she never […]

Who am I? Isaiah Dawe from ID Know Yourself speaks with CREATE

“That’s the biggest thing I think, in NAIDOC. With everything that’s going on how do we get the other 97 percent of our population that are Non-Indigenous people, to walk alongside of us, and advocate and stand with us?” Recently one of our Young Consultants Leanne sat down with Isaiah Dawe, CEO and Founder of […]

Voices in Action – the CREATE Foundation Podcast

Voices in Action is a podcast by CREATE Foundation giving a platform to children and young people in care. In the coming weeks CREATE will be launching it’s first episode of the Voices in Action Podcast. This podcast has been created as a platform for young people to talk about a range of issues that […]