The top 8 changes to Sortli, thanks to you!

Did you know there have been some huge changes and improvements to the Sortli App over the past six years? All driven by you and other CREATE Young Consultants!

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane and see all the amazing changes you have suggested, through your ideas and feedback.

Here are the top 8 changes to Sortli:

  1. ‘I want’ and ‘I need’ based navigation. Each domain on Sortli now leads to an action-oriented page with action statements relating to the domain. For example; “I need emergency money” or “I need to write a resume”. Find what you need or want, and Sortli will outline the information, advice and link to important services or forms that can help you.
  1. Sortli went from seven domains to eight adding an important Legal domain.
    Now it’s easier for you to know your rights, what you have to do if you need to go to court, report a crime or need support as a victim.
  1. Search bar with voice recognition
    Not sure where you’ll find something you need in Sortli? No problem, just search by typing or speaking it into the Search Bar.
  1. ‘Want to talk to someone?’ Button
    The ‘Want to talk to someone?’ button now allows you to easily find contact details for important support services from all main pages in the app.
  1. Budget Calculator
    It’s so important to manage your money. The Sortli Budget Calculator was created as an easy to use tool to stay on top of finances and help reach savings goals.
  1. Goal Setting

Originally referred to as the ‘Dashboard’, it’s now a customisable ‘My Goal List’ to track your success. You can choose a goal that’s pre-set by other young people who have transitioned or you can create your own, as everyone’s journey is unique.

  1. Videos! For some, reading can be overwhelming so more videos are in Sortli…. and watch this space, as there are more to come!
  1. Your own personal avatar to make Sortli your own
    Say Cheese! Sortli is yours, so put your face on it 😉

What’s next?

Every year, CREATE seeks out advice, feedback and recommendations on how to make the app even better for young people transitioning from out-of-home care. If you would like to get involved or tell us your ideas, reach out Erin from CREATE at