Tenielle reflects on 5 years at CREATE!

Tenielle Moore is our TAS State Coordinator and just recently passed the 5 year mark with CREATE! It’s been wonderful having her part of the team and her guidance and support are greatly appreciated. We interviewed Tenielle to find out about her most memorable moments.


4. Tenielle 5 year with certificateWhy did you join CREATE and what’s been the best part about working here?
Previously I worked in residential care, that’s when I first found out about CREATE. The organisation seemed like a really exciting, fun and fulfilling place to work. I was passionate about ensuring young people felt empowered to have a voice and had worked with many young people who benefited greatly from their involvement with CREATE. When the role became available I jumped at the chance to apply…..and here I am 5 years later!
The best part of working for CREATE is being constantly inspired by the amazing young people who surround me.

What has been your best memory?
Definitely the 2013 ‘Strength to Strength’ conference! This was CREATE’s first ever international conference and it was absolutely buzzing with atmosphere. Everyone had such an amazing time, young people made fabulous long lasting friendships and did such an incredible job of ensuring their voices and the voices of others were heard. I came away from this conference and the most recent Youth for Change conference, so inspired and incredibly proud of the young people and the work we do as an organisation.

Do you think CREATE has changed over the last 5 years and how?
Absolutely, over the past five years CREATE has grown significantly, with the start-up of new regional offices and growth in our staffing numbers. Our programs have also seen a lot of change, when I started at CREATE there were fewer workshops and programs available to young people, we now have a huge amount of revamped CREATE Your Future workshops, a specific disability program in NSW and the introduction of Speak Up training!

What’s been your biggest hurdle?
Tasmania might be a small state, but reaching all of the young people from one end of our little Island to the other is still a big task for our team. With the Tassie office based in the South of the State we don’t get to see our fabulous young people in the North and North West nearly as much as we would like. This is an ongoing challenge, but we do our absolute best to ensure these young people are involved as much as possible.

Do you have any advice for young people starting at club CREATE?
For those of you who are thinking about joining, do it! There are so many different programs and activities available. You can come along to fun free events such as Water Slide Parties, Easter Parties, and HUGE Christmas parties! Our CREATE Your Future workshops are fabulous for those of you looking to gain extra skills to become more independent and  YAG’s and SUP are great ways to  ensure your voice is  heard. Come along and meet others who have also experienced the care system and help us to create positive change.