CREATE invites you to take a seat, connect and listen to the powerful voices of young people with an out-of-home care experience in the latest Voices in Action podcast episodes. Produced by CREATE Foundation, the podcast is a platform for children and young people to share their experiences growing up in care, the challenges faced, their incredible achievements and their insights for reforms.

Which issues does the podcast cover? The podcast topic choices are driven by children and young people in care, covering issues such as extending care, cultural identity, participation, and the stigma experienced when labelled a “foster kid”. The latest podcast series builds further awareness of the #SnapThatStigma campaign, developed in response to the urgent need to address community stigma faced by young people with a care experience.

The first of the new podcast episodes features Adina sharing about growing up in care, and her journey towards achieving her qualifications as a lawyer and a social worker. Adina’s story highlights the positive difference that stability makes to a child’s development and wellbeing in their formative years. With a stable, strong support system, Adina graduated from high school, went on to complete her tertiary education and secured full-time work, all while continuing to advocate for systemic change.

Adina’s story disrupts the stigma cycle and shines a light on the fact that every child has unique gifts and abilities and when given support has the ability to achieve their dreams. Thanks for helping us to #SnapThatStigma Adina!

CREATE Foundation is the national consumer body representing the voices of children and young people with an out-of-home care experience (including kinship care, foster care and residential care). CREATE develops policy and research to report on and advocate for a better care system.

Read about the Voices in Action podcast: https://www.create.org.au/podcast

Find more on stigma faced by children with a care experience by reading CREATE’s stigma position paper, or learn about CREATE’s awareness campaign to change out-dated stigma through our #SnapthatStigma campaign here

Caution: Episodes may contain reference to child abuse or neglect, so listener discretion is advised. If you want to talk, call LifeLine: 13 11 14 or Kids HelpLine: 1800 55 1800.

For further comment from CREATE’s Chief Executive, Ms Jacqui Reed, and/or a young person with care experience contact Leigh White, CREATE Communications Advisor, via (m) 0431 932 122 or leigh.white@create.org.au 

Key statistics on the care sector in Australia:

·       45,996 children and young people were reported in 2019-20 as living in out-of-home care across Australia (Australian Institute of Health & Welfare, 2021).

·       Young people in out-of-home care are 16 times more likely to be under a youth justice order than the general population.

·       30% of young people experience homelessness within the first year of leaving care. (McDowall, J. J. (2020).

·       46% of males have been involved with the justice system since leaving care.

·       29% of young people who have left care or preparing to leave care are unemployed.

·       36% children and young people in care do not live with any of their siblings.

·       35% of young people in care have five or more caseworkers during their time in care.

·       67% of young people in care over the age of 15 are not aware of having a leaving care plan.

McDowall, J. J. (2018). Out-of-home care in Australia: Children and young people’s views after five years of National Standards. Sydney: CREATE Foundation.