Snap that Stigma Episode 1: Meet Adina

Episode 1 Show Notes

Over 46,000 children and young people around Australia are currently in care due to no fault of their own. They face unfair disadvantage and often are subject to stigma, being branded with stereotypes that don’t befit them. So, we want to #SnapThatStigma!

One of our long standing campaigns is our Snap That Stigma Campaign, where we aim to highlight the achievements and incredible vibrance and diversity in the young people we work alongside every day. You can learn more about the campaign here.

We have just released this podcast series where young people interview each other about their experiences in care, their challenges with stigma and what we can do about it! Snapping stigma starts with a conversation, and the more we can elevate the voices of young people with care experiences, the better.

The young people involved in this podcast have been passionate advocates, each with their own stories, challenges, purpose and dreams. We are so grateful to them for being a part of this project, and sharing with each other and us as listeners. We would appreciate your supporting in sharing this message – sharing their voices and help us to end the unfair stigma faced by those in care.

In this episode, we meet Adina

Meet Adina: Lawyer, Social Worker, Advocate

Hear directly from young people with a care experience about their lives, how they’ve overcome adversity and gone on to achieve incredible things! In this first episode we hear from Adina. Adina grew up in care, and has now gone on to become a qualified lawyer and social worker, an enormously caring young women and an all-round great human. Adina’s story shows the impact of stability – how important it is for young people to have security during their formative years. With a strong support system, Adina graduated from high school, pursued and completed tertiary education and secured full time work, all while continuing to advocate for systemic change. Adina’s story, as with so many of the young people we talk to, completely rejects the negative stereotyping faced by those in out of home care. Thanks for helping us to #SnapThatStigma Adina!

Please note: these episodes may touch on topics of child abuse or neglect, so listener discretion is advised if hearing these stories may be triggering for you. If you are feeling upset or want to talk to someone, there is always help available through LifeLine on 13 11 14 or Kids HelpLine on 1800 55 1800.

Who Are We?

CREATE Foundation is the national consumer body for children and young people in out of home care. We work to CONNECT Children and young people to each other, EMPOWER them to have a voice and create CHANGE on a systemic level.

One of the biggest obstacles faced by children and young people with a care experience is the stigma surrounding it. Being labelled the “problem child”, “troubled” or “bad” – when children and young people are placed into care due to no fault of their own. One of CREATE’s major campaigns is the Snap that Stigma initiative, where we want to showcase how incredible the young people we work with are, to overcome this negative image dogging young people with a care experience.

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