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Best Practice Guides – Complaints and Participation

CREATE released our Best Practice Guide on Participation in 2020, following our Advocacy in Action session at our 2019 Voices in Action conference in Melbourne where young people, workers and carers came together to discuss the following question: – If participation was established practice what would people, be seeing, hearing and feeling in the care system? 

In 2020 CREATE also released our Child-centred Complaints Handling: Best Practices Guide and associated poster resource to assist organisations with the development and refinement of child-centred complaints processes. 

Best Practice Guide on Complaints
Best Practice Guide on Participation


A collection of our reports and publications

CREATE National Survey, 2018

Voices in Action Podcast

Don’t forget to also take a listen to CREATE’s Voices in Action podcast, this podcast gives a platform to children and young people with a care experience to discuss a wide range of issues, including transitioning from care to independence.


Webinars and Video Resources

We have a large collection of webinars and video resources, featuring the voices of children and young people covering a wide range of topics. Check them out here: