The Importance of Having Your Say

We can often say that my voice alone does not make a difference but Australia has just witnessed how this is not always true.  When a bunch of voices all start to say the same thing, then we can create real change. Witnessing the outcome of the National Same Sex Marriage Survey, we saw how a national survey can  make a difference. Although the journey to change can not always be easy and there can be a lot of challenges and uncertainty along the way, fighting for what you believe in is always worthwhile.

“Regardless of how we all voted, overwhelmingly a resounding YES vote to marriage equality happened this morning. Many tears have been shed and for those affected directly their lives will change. This is an especially important process to share with our young people. Having a voice makes a difference, having a voice changes things, having a voice allows everyone to have a say”. Jacqui Reed, CEO CREATE

In fact, asking people to share their views is never easy but this is what we do at CREATE. We engage with and hear for young people to make sure that their voices are heard and included. Over the years, we have been instrumental in some amazing change for children and young people by making sure that they are heard. And we are doing this again.

CREATE is currently running its own National Survey on how children and young people experience being in out-of-home care across Australia. There are currently over 46,000 children and young people in out-of-home care, and learning about their lived experience is vital to help make necessary changes to improve outcomes for them. We want to hear from as many children and young people aged 8 to 25 years as we can to make sure that we can help make the changes they need.

This is more than just another survey, it is potentially the largest of its kind ever undertaken anywhere in the world, but we need everyone to get on board to make this happen – this really is your chance to be part of something big.

We have all just seen the power that voices can have to make changes, let’s make this happen for children and young people in care right now.

Have Your Say in CREATE’s National Survey