National Families Week

Celebrating Family Diversity and Connection

Each year CREATE participates in National Families Week, an initiative of Families Australia. The theme this year is Celebrating Family Diversity and Connection. National Families Week is all about celebrating Families in all their diversity – whatever family looks like to you!

At CREATE, we know that family isn’t just blood relations. It can be those special people in your life who encourage, support and care about you. 

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What you said about family

“I consider a lot of people family – a lot of cultures merged into one. They’re still my family and I would do anything for them.”

“Family is not necessarily blood, it’s anyone that you feel you can trust… you have a connection with them and you know they have your back when times are tough.”

“Be respectful of who we identify as siblings, not always blood-related but can be the chosen family through shared experiences, emotional connections and culture.”

“Family to me also means a place of belonging and a place to feel safe.”

What does your family look like?

Who you call family can be anyone you share a powerful connection with. This might be your friends, Elders, people in your community, or even pets!

Draw the people you call family and send us a photo! We will share this on our socials for National Families Week. Email or DM us on Instagram!

National Families Week events

There’s lots happening around the country for National Families Week 2024. Find an event near you.

Media Release - National Families Week

CREATE Acting Deputy CEO, Imogen Edeson says respect for family diversity is critical for supporting children and young people with a care experience.

“Young people with a shared experience in care may call each other siblings, or identify others in their community as part of their family. We should all respect how children and young people define their family. Safe, meaningful and enduring connections are what family is all about.”

During National Families week, we want to give a huge shout out to all the young people we work with, who come from a variety of family backgrounds. Everyone has a different experience and perspective on what family means to them and this week is an incredible opportunity to acknowledge all the different types of families in Australia.