Meet CREATE Mate Sally Sievers from the NT!

In our latest magazines we interviewed Sally Sievers, the Children’s Commissioner in the NT. Sally is also a CREATE Mate and does heaps to support CREATE and children and young people in care. Let’s find out more about her!

So Sally, tell us about yourself! What’s your role?

 I am  currently the Children’s Commissioner of the Northern Territory. That means that I look out for young people in the NT and  work with the team at the Office of the Children’s Commissioner to make sure that the Government and services are doing the right thing for children and young people. If anyone is worried about the treatment or safety of a child, they can contact me – my team will look into it and try and make things better! I also make sure that young people are listened to and their voices are heard when decisions are made that affect them. When I’m not working I love being outside and being active – I love stand-up paddle boarding, being with my two dogs, and exploring the NT!

Why are you a CREATE Mate?

Because I know that young people have rights and a voice that should be heard! Here in the Territory I am amazed every day by the achievements and strength of the children I work with and meet. The best part of my job is getting to see young people making changes in their own communities – I love that CREATE works hard to make sure young people they work with are listened to, and make changes based on what you tell them. There are no bigger experts on children than children!

What’s something you’re passionate about in the care sector? What’s something you’re proud of?

I am passionate about making the experience of being in care as positive as possible for every single young person. We can do this by hearing what young people are telling us, and acting on this.   I am so proud to lead a team of people who are dedicated to making a safer and happier world for children.

Everyone’s a bit wacky in their own way – whats a fun fact about you?

I am known to frequently wear clothes inside out! My children will often check me before I leave the house to make sure my shirt is the right way round!

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