Local Territory artist tells us what inspired his artwork created just for NT Sortli

Art has been part of Cian Mungatj McCue’s life since he could pick up a crayon. With direct links to the Larrakia, Mulluk-mulluk and Yanyuawa people, he was the perfect artist to transform the Northern Territory version of the Sortli App, to represent the unique landscape and give the App a ‘Territory feel’.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Cian’s artistry, download Sortli via the Google Play and Apple App Store. Sortli is FREE app (short for sort out your life), designed by young people for young people transitioning from out-of-home care to independence. The app was designed in consultation with young people in the NT and contains a wide variety of information about services across the territory.

“When I am creating Aboriginal artwork I find that patterns and textures in nature lend themselves to my creativity,” says Cian.

The textural elements are representative of the different country/landscapes across the NT. The NT is a vast landscape that ranges from sea, wetlands, savanna, rock and desert country. The colour palette was chosen in order to represent these different landscapes. The seedlings convey growth, which ties in with the Sortli app, and what it represents.


Artwork Elements

This icon resembles the single storey, brick dwelling with a corrugated iron roof, common across the Territory.

The above piece represents the different landscapes found across Territory. This piece is to be used as a watermark for different life domain banners in Sortli.

The seedling represents growth. With Sortli being the pocket guide to growing up, the seedling is a fitting element to compliment the mobile app.


For more information on Cian check out, www.moogiedownproductions.com.au


Download Sortli today, choose your state and sort your life.