Kareema Snaps that Stigma

I snapped that stigma of being in care by never letting my experiences define what I can and can’t do. I took every opportunity given to me, asked questions about things I was entitled to and made sure I knew my rights.

My experience made me want to make sure that other children in care got everything they desired and more. It had been my dream since I was 8 years old to be a social worker. After leaving school in year 10 because I was failing, I thought I would never go to university…but I enrolled as a mature aged student, got my degree and begun my career of going above and beyond to ensure children in care know their rights and get as many opportunities as other children who aren’t in care.

I now own my own home, I look after my little sister who is also in foster care and I enjoy making the most out of life.

❤️ Kareema ❤️