Jacqui celebrates 10 years at CREATE

CREATE’s CEO and fearless leader, Jacqui Reed has recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary at CREATE! Over her 10 years at CREATE, Jacqui has worked tirelessly to create a better life for children and young people in care. Jacqui’s hard-work and dedication is a constant inspiration to everyone involved with CREATE, and CREATE wouldn’t be the same without her! As part of the celebrations, Jacqui has shared some of her highlights over her 10 years at CREATE.


  1. Why did you join CREATE?

    I joined CREATE because it is the perfect place to work! My job is so diverse, I get to work one on one with children and young people and hear from them direct.  I am then able to create strategies and advocate for change.

  2. What’s the best part about being with CREATE?

    The best part about being with CREATE is of course the children and young people.  Being able to hear their stories and know exactly what it is that we need to make the system better for them is really rewarding.  It’s great when we see change as a result of the work we do with our young people.  Also my colleagues, they are all just as passionate as I am and are a delight to work with. I have made some wonderful friends whilst working at CREATE, that’s another great thing about being a part of the crew.

  3. What has been your fondest memory?

    My fondest memory would be presenting at the UN with one of our young people. I am so honoured that we had that wonderful opportunity, and the fact that I got to share it with one of our young people is truly amazing. Outstanding memory!

  4. What has been your biggest achievement?

    My biggest achievement so far has been highlighting the need for the sector to get better at transitioning young people to adulthood.  CREATE has played a massive role in keeping this on everyone’s agenda and I am proud to be a part of this drive for change!

  5. How do you think CREATE has changed over the last ten years?

    We’ve become more sophisticated advocates over the last ten years, and are strategic in our approach to change. All in all, CREATE has changed only for the better, and we continue to do so with the help of our young people.

  6. For young people starting at clubCREATE, do you have any advice?

    My advice to young people joining CREATE would be to try and participate in everything that they think is important.  My last piece of advice to them would be that they must always remember that they have the potential to be anything that they want!


    Jacqui Reed, CEO of CREATE Foundation with Richard Hill, Chairman of the Board
    Jacqui Reed, CEO of CREATE Foundation with Richard Hill, Chairman of the Board