South Australia’s Hour of Power

Our South Australian team held their first Hour of Power (HOP) event on International Care Day to consider the experiences of children and young people in care and discuss important issues including sibling connection and cultural identity.

CREATE Young Consultants led the event, joined by a panel of industry leaders within child protection.
To read the report that summarises the forum, head here.

We asked Young Consultant, Brooke about her experience of being part of the HOP.

Brooke said, “It was stressful but rewarding to get our stories out there. It was good to see other people reflecting on services and what they can do to benefit the next generation of kids in care.

“My favourite part was seeing all of the “Nunga mob” come along and to hear Aunty Susan do her Welcome to Country. I really enjoyed yarning with them after the HOP and learning about how I can connect more to my culture.

“I spoke about cultural identity and connection. I shared my story and gave recommendations of change like giving more funding for cultural camps and introducing children to their land; also resources for each Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child or young person to have an Aboriginal worker.

“What I learned from the experience was that public speaking is nervous and sweaty work. That you have to be authentic and not put on a front. And big things take a long time to change. But it is happening and lived experience is helping activate systemic change.

“What I hope that decision-makers took away from the HOP is that we are people – we’re not just a case file or statistic. I understand that they have big jobs but I hope that they listened and really heard us.”

Brooke’s message to other children or young people who might want to get involved with CREATE and these sorts of activities is “Come along and hang out!”

Thanks Brooke and thanks to everyone who took part.

We’ll be holding another Hour of Power in Victoria in May – stay tuned for more information.