Exciting things are happening at CREATE

We are excited to be making some changes at CREATE that offer even more opportunities to promote the voices of children and young people, and increase participation in our programs and activities, while also promoting our advocacy.

Looking forward, CREATE will be: 

  • Offering an internship program for young people.
  • Broadening the opportunities of our Youth Advisory Groups, including working with our First Nations partners to develop a Youth Advisory Group for First Nations young people. 
  • Developing a Mentoring Program Model for young people transitioning from care.

Welcome to our newest Board Member, Adina!

We are so proud to have Adina Gunnis joining the Board at CREATE Foundation. Adina’s lived experience will be invaluable to the CREATE Board. Adina is a lawyer and has previously served on CREATE’s National Influencing Committee, and been involved as a Young Consultant on many of our programs and advocacy initiatives.


  • CREATE will be offering 3-6 month structured internships 
  • Interns must have completed SUP Level 3 
  • There will be paid and unpaid internships available, depending on each state/territory
  • Interns will be paid for some activities they engage in at an hourly rate. This will strengthen our connection to a wider group of children and young people. 
  • Northern Territory will have a paid position for First Nations young person that aligns with our commitment to First Nations children and young people, and is funded by the NT Government



CREATE has committed to develop a Mentoring Program aimed at supporting young care leavers during the transition process. A Reference Group of young people will guide the process. We’re excited to see the roll out of the trial for the Mentoring Program happen in Queensland in 2024, and we hope to get funding for each state/territory to provide this valuable support to young people.

Interview panels

We’re also offering young people the opportunity to train to sit on CREATE Interview panels for hiring new CREATE staff. 

With all of these exciting opportunities happening you may notice some changes within the CREATE team. Check out our new Organisational Chart to see all the different roles at CREATE and how we work together to support the children and young people we serve. 

There is a lot happening at CREATE that will truly make a difference to the lives of children and young people with a care experience.
–    Richard Hill, Chairman, CREATE