CREATE Positive Impact Award

Do you know an awesome carer, worker or program that has made a positive difference in your life?

Have they helped you to have a voice and make you feel listened to? At CREATE we want to help you to tell them how much they rock! Since 2013, the CREATE Award has been part of the Victorian Protecting Children Awards.

These awards are in honour of amazing leaders and workers in the field of child, youth and family welfare and celebrate the superheroes that are in your life.

If you know a worker or a program that:
• Makes you feel like you are listened to and heard
• Someone who tries their best to always help you
• Who supports you with things that are important to you

We want to hear about it, so nominate them for the CREATE Positive Impact Award!
The CREATE Positive Impact Award is open to young people aged 8-25 to nominate a carer, worker or program in Victoria. If you would like more information or would like to speak to someone about your nomination, contact the CREATE crew on 1800 655 105 or 9918 0002 or email 

Nominations close 5 April 2024.

Visit Victorian Protecting Children Awards website 

Tips for writing your nomination

Use clear and concise language

To help the judges evaluate the nominations, it is important to provide clear and concise information. This means the information should be easy to read and understand, and not contain any unnecessary details that are not relevant to the nomination criteria. When writing your nomination, make sure to focus on the key points and achievements of the nominee and avoid using jargon or technical language that may be difficult for the judges to understand.

Stand out from the crowd

The judges will be looking for exceptional candidates that have truly made an impact on their community or organisation. To increase the chances of your nominee being selected, it is important to emphasise their accomplishments and how they have exceeded expectations.

  1. Provide specific examples of how the nominee has achieved success in their work. E.g. if the nominee has a record of delivering projects on time and under budget, provide tangible examples of how they have done this, such as a case study or testimonials from colleagues or clients.
  2. Highlight the nominee’s unique approach to their work or how they think outside the box. E.g. if the nominee has developed an innovative solution to a common problem, or if they have taken a non-traditional approach to their work, this can help to set them apart from other nominees.
  3. Show the nominee’s leadership qualities, and the impact of the nominee’s work on the larger ecosystem. The judges will be looking for nominees who have had a positive impact on their community or organisation. Highlighting these aspects in the nomination can help to demonstrate the nominee’s value and set them apart from other nominees.

Treat the nomination like addressing key selection criteria for a job 

Addressing the judging criteria is an important step as it demonstrates that the nominee meets the requirements and qualifications for the award. Here are some tips on how to effectively address the nomination criteria:

  1. Read the criteria carefully: Before you begin writing, make sure you understand the criteria and what the judges are looking for, take explanation of the award category into consideration.
  2. Tailor your response: Use the CAR method when tailoring your response to the specific criteria:
    • Context: Describe the situation.
    • Action: Describe the action that was taken. Avoid making general statements.
    • Result: Detail the outcome of the action. Offer specific facts that support the result.
  3. Use real examples: Provide specific examples of the nominee’s accomplishments, such as statistics, case studies, or testimonials from colleagues or clients. These examples will help to illustrate the nominee’s experience and make a stronger case for their selection.
  4. Highlight the nominee’s impact: Highlight the nominee’s impact on the community, organisation or the sector, and their leadership qualities. This will help the judges to understand the nominee’s value and the impact of the nominee’s work on the larger ecosystem.

Make the most of the opportunities available

To ensure that your nomination is considered, it is important to carefully read and understand the selection criteria and provide a thorough and thoughtful response.

  • Utilise the full word count provided
  • Use the upload features, such as supporting documents, to supplement your nomination
  • Be sure to include the required number of referee letters, as these can provide valuable insight into the nominee’s qualifications and accomplishments.

Get someone to proofread your nomination

The judging panel will be evaluating the content of the nomination and the nominee’s qualifications, however, it is important to present the nomination in a clear, professional and easy-to-read format.

Having a third party review and proofread the nomination can assist in ensuring that the nomination is well-written, flows smoothly and addresses the selection criteria.

It is worth taking the time to ensure that the nomination is polished and presents the nominee in the best possible light.