Churchill Fellowship Update from CREATE CEO, Jacqui Reed – Paris 2

Hello again!

I headed out of Paris today to a place called Mt St Michelle. An incredible monastery build high on top of a rock.  It was an amazing place and it was a challenge to climb 350 steps to get up to the Church…. I was completely pooped when I got to the top but the view was worth it!

MontMtMichele.Jacquisteps  _DSC7282  Mt.StMichelle.StepsJacqui  MtStMichelle.Jacquitop

What a fabulous few days in Paris. I had the good fortune to meet with an amazing young woman and hear her story and learn about the French system works for kids here. She was very positive about her experiences and we had a great chat (her English was amazing!) over a croissant and coffee.

I then headed to an activity about 2 hours out of Paris in a town called Bayeaux – an agency (residential) was holding an activity for the kids to see the Bayeux Tapestry which is the oldest tapestry in Europe going back to the 10th Century.  The worker met me at a central location and you won’t believe it, but it was outside the Churchill Hotel – remarkable coincidence. We headed to the park where about 10 young people were having lunch after visiting the tapestry. They chatted about their experiences freely – but many did not speak English and my French is just about non-existent so we made to with lots of smiles, gestures and broken English/French. There were about four young people who were able to communicate in English and I spoke with them for a short time and learnt far more than I have done by reading the literature! The words of children and young people are wise!!!!

Bayeax was a gorgeous little town that had lots of cobble stone streets, and great places to eat – cop a look at my crepe- salted toffee and roasted almonds – soooo good!

_DSC7129 Bayeauxcathederal Bayeauxcrepe.saltycaramel and roasted almonds

Until next time,

Jacqui Reed