Care Day 2022

“This year, on the 7th International Care Day, CREATE Foundation is proud to once again be sharing some of the incredible stories of the young people that we work with each day. We know that children with an out-of-home care experience face unfair disadvantages, stigma and challenges, and this Care Day we look forward to raising awareness of not only these challenges, but the resilience in these young people in overcoming them. The theme this year is “It takes a village”, in reference to the importance of support systems, networks and stable relationships in the lives of young people with a care experience. Any one of us can make a meaningful impact – so today we ask you: What have you done to improve the lives of children and young people in care?”

International Care Day 2022 falls on Friday the 18th February. This year, we want to encourage as many people to get involved and share the message as possible. Care Day is all about celebrating young people with a care experience, and raising awareness for some of the obstacles they face so that together, we can help to break down those barriers.

This years theme is “It takes a village” and we believe that any one of us can make a meaningful impact and change the lives of young people in care. We know children in care who experience a stable environment growing up have more positive outcomes. We also know that a stable relationship with a caseworker can make a huge difference in a child or young persons sense of security, and overall outcomes. Our research also shows the impact that positive education settings, and sibling relationships can have a huge impact. All of these are example of where the community, the networks and people have made a positive impact on these young people’s lives.

Here are a couple of our incredible young consultants talking about their experiences with these factors:



We would love to see increased support, recognition and acknowledgement of children and young people in care – their resilience and the incredible insights they have to share about how we can make the care system better. So, we are asking you, the community to get involved!

We’ve put together a media pack to make it easy – simply share a photo from the media pack with one of the captions provided (or your own!) and don’t forget to #CareDay22 to raise awareness of the day!

Help us to #SnapThatStimga

You can also get on board with our Snap That Stigma campaign, which sheds light on the incredible achievements of young people with a care experience. Take a look at the below and feel free to share alongside the #SnapThatStigma hashtag!