Beat the Bosses 2017 Wrap-Up

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Beat the Bosses 2017: another round of applause for Finity Consulting!!

Yesterday, CREATE held the annual fundraising event Beat The Bosses at the Ivy with over 30 organisations playing trivia, singing and taking on any challenges coming their way!

2017 Beat the Bosses Winners – Finity Consulting!

Beat The Bosses has gained a strong reputation in the finance and insurance industry which comes at no surprise given it provides the opportunity for employees to come head to head with their bosses to show who’s boss!!

The night is also an opportunity to hear the personal journey of some our young consultants. Last night, we were particularly impressed by CREATE young consultants Emily Backhouse and Christina Bell. Both were outstanding on stage and delivered strong messages including the need to reduce the stigma associated with children and young people in care. Christina stated: “This was my first time speaking at a corporate fundraising event. It was amazing to see the amount of support received from everyone who attended. It was a great night full of laughs and it meant a lot to hear the positive reactions and hear others stories. Thanks to everyone who came and supported CREATE.”

We would like to thank all the guests present that evening – there were some amazing acts on stage and widespread laughter in the room! The limerick challenge was one of the highlights, with the team from Genworth writing this powerful poem:

A kid from the streets, at last in a home, 
No longer scared, no longer alone. 
CREATE provides comfort, dreams can come true, 
With the help from donations, from people like you. 
Adversity surrounds us in many a way, 
You can help prevent this, you have the ability today. 
It’s a person, a child, our future, our friend,
Put your hand in your pocket, pledge to put this to an end. 

Last night’s success was made possible thanks to a range of exceptional partners including our major sponsor Steadfast, gifted MC Donald MacKee and vibrant auctioneer Scott Gibbons. We would also like to thank The Ivy and Galabid for their wonderful service, as well as AMP Graduate volunteers and the wonderful prize donors….. prize bidding was fierce!

Thank you all and we look forward to see who will be dethroning Finity Consulting next year!

CREATE’s Executive Head of Research, Joseph McDowell with CREATE CEO, Jacqui Reed and Fervent, Roxy Zeb and Young Consultant Christina Bell.


The Wonderful Volunteers from AMP Capital!
AMP Capital Table Host, Jon Camino with CREATE Young Consultant, Christina Bell and NSW Acting State Coordinator, Ania Stepien.