March Advocacy Wrap-Up

As we move into the final quarter of the 2023 financial year, CREATE is finalising data collection for our three remaining consultations: Health and Well-being in TAS and WA; and Educational Experience of young people in care in NT. When these are completed, this year CREATE will have obtained the views of over 250 young people in out-of-home care throughout Australia to better understand their care experience and to share their views with governments and decision-makers to try to improve their life outcomes.

CREATE will be represented at various upcoming conferences. Our Executive Director (Research) will present at the Homestretch Symposium in Melbourne in June, and is a member of a team delivering a paper on Extended Care in Australia at the international EUSARF Conference in the UK in September. We also have an abstract submitted for consideration at the SNAICC conference in Darwin in September (involving Dr Elise Hilder and Young Consultant Brooke Oliver).

We are pleased to welcome two new staff to our research group: Dr Monica Carrer joins the team as a permanent part-time member in Queensland; and we are ably assisted by Cassie Hardy (based in Sydney) with our consultation interviews.

We look forward to several exciting projects coming to fruition over the next few months.