The three most visited domains within Sortli.

For some the transition from being in care to living independently is pure excitement. For others it’s fraught with anxiety about the unknown. One thing is for certain however –  all young people need a leaving care plan.

For this reason,  CREATE Foundation in partnership with young people around Australia have created resources to assist this plan and the decisions they will need to make as an adult.

“Leaving care is hard but not being prepared is harder.” (Female 18)

2021 has been yet another year of uncertainty for young people, amongst an already challenging period in their life. With this, I thought  it was interesting to share the most visited pages and domain on the Sortli app – our free life skill app to assist young people every step of the way on their transition from care to independence.

CREATE Foundation recommends introducing the Sortli app to young people around the age of 15  when planning for their transition commences.

Sortli is free to download and available on all smart phones – Wi-Fi is not even required once the initial download takes place.

If you have any questions, request for team training or recommendations for services or support to include in the app please email Erin at