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We Must Do Better – CREATE’s Response to Media Issues Around NT Royal Commission

Written on November 20, 2017

CREATE has been actively engaged in providing submissions and evidence to the NT Royal Commission and Board Inquiry into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory. The report was handed down on Friday 17 November 2017. These issues around child detention in the NT are currently achieving significant media attention.

CREATE welcomes the findings of the Royal Commission. “These are significant and historic findings” said CREATE CEO Jacqui Reed today.

“As a nation, we are still way behind on a number of the recommendations of the UNHCR report into Australia’s compliance with human rights, particularly the incarceration of children with disabilities, and the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people”.

“Whilst these new recommendations bring us to a base line of human rights. These young people need better treatment, stemming from a more informed and empathic response,” said Ms Reed.

“Of the 1,032 children in out of home care in the Northern Territory last year, we know that a significant proportion were also subject to youth justice orders and even detention. The report’s recommendations highlight that we need to be able to identify the size and characteristics of these so-called ‘crossover children’ and young people, in order to ensure that they receive the services they need”, Ms Reed said.

Previous inquiries have also made similar recommendations, which have not been implemented successfully in the past to affect the necessary change for young people in the NT. We need a solid commitment from government that transcends the political domain and treats this alarming issue as a human rights issue rather than a political one.

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For further comment from CREATE’s CEO Jacqui Reed and/or a young person with care experience please call Andrea Doney 0402050418 and andrea@admarcoms.com.au