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CREATE Performance Awards Winners

Written on April 18, 2016

CREATE recently revealed the winners of the 2015 Performance Awards at our recent Advisory and Planning meeting. Each year we acknowledge the winners who go above and beyond to achieve outstanding results in their state. The awards capture the performance against KPI’s in three categories: CONNECT, EMPOWER and CHANGE.

Each category is significant as they represent CREATE’s mission statement, to;

CONNECT children and young people to each other, CREATE and their Community to
EMPOWER children and young people to build self-confidence, self-esteem and skills that enable them to have a voice and be heard to
CHANGE the care system, in consultation with children and young people, through advocacy to improve policies, practices and services, and increase community awareness.

NSW were clear winners in both the CONNECT and EMPOWER category. It is with great pleasure to award NSW for best performance and hard work. They exceeded their targets in connecting and empowering children and young people through the various programs and activities they ran in 2015.

VIC received an award for their efforts in the CHANGE category, with the highest number of children and young people involved in consultations.

The overall winners across ALL categories for 2015 were the amazing NSW team!


The winners received a large glass plaque and the two Senior Community Facilitators – Lisa Townshend and Maria Chan, also received vouchers along with their team members as a thank you from CREATE for their achievements.

We are very proud of the achievements by all CREATE state teams. Well done to all involved for helping CREATE to help children and young people reach their full potential. We look forward to the 2016 performance results!

Cathy Carnovale receiving the award for the VIC team

Cathy Carnovale receiving the award for the VIC team

Lisa Townshend receiving the award for NSW

Lisa Townshend receiving the award for NSW