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CREATE Performance Awards Winners

Written on October 31, 2017

CREATE recently revealed the winners of the 2017 Performance Awards at our recent Advisory and Planning meeting. Each year we acknowledge the winners who go above and beyond to achieve outstanding results in their state. The awards are to acknowledge the amazing work that our incredibly talented teams do to create a better life for children and young people in care and to highlight the amazing  results achieved by teams against target, and recognising staff contribution.

Each category is significant as they represent CREATE’s mission statement, to;

CONNECT children and young people to each other, CREATE and their community to

EMPOWER children and young people to build self-confidence, self-esteem and skills that enable them to have a voice and be heard to

CHANGE the care system, in consultation with children and young people, through advocacy to improve policies, practices and services, and increase community awareness.

Highly Commended Awards go to…

ACT –  For outstanding dedication to involving young people in advocacy meetings

NT –  Highest percentage of Indigenous membership for clubCREATE

SA –  Smashing the Speak UP Level 3 target

TAS –  Great clubCREATE results and excellent work in encouraging further information sharing in Tasmania

WA – Exceptional results in holding Youth Advisory Group’s with the largest amount of CALD young people attending

VIC – Supporting a whopping 65 children and young people at Speaking Events

And the Winners are…

CREATE CEO, Jacqui Reed presenting CREATE Queensland State Coordinator, Lucas Moore with the award for amazing work across Connect, Empower and Change

CONNECT – NSW were the winners exceeding their targets in connecting children and young people through our clubCREATE programs and activities they ran in 2017.

EMPOWER – theQLD were the winners exceeding their targets in empowering young people to have their voices heard via our Speak Up programs.

CHANGE – QLD were also the winners with the highest number of children and young people involved in consultations and our advocacy & change actvities.

The overall winners across ALL categories for 2017 were the amazing Queensland team!

Huge congratulations to Lucas Moore and his incredible team for taking out the overall award for their outstanding contribution to creating a better life for children and young people in care.

Well done to the effort of all of the State Coordinators in leading their teams to fabulous results for children and young people is a testament to their courage and dedication and supreme efforts!